Also a museum visit with its old rock cellar and the deep black slate has a special charm. The 150-year-old brewart shows itself with a collection of old brewerie stuff, a large bottle collection and much more. All on request also with a approximately 45-minute guide.
In our Eifel-unique Brewery Museum, we show you how beer has been brewed over four generations in 150 years. A real handcraft brewery with its own coffery and a large collection of old brewthings are shown.

Finally, you can visit the historical rock cellar with its dark black slate walls. This was blown into the mountain in 1830, and in the past, it was possible to keep the beer cool all year.

Small brewery story         

In 1847 Brewmaster Wilhelm Braun purchased the "Grüneburg" at the "Röetgen" and
Expanded the existing brewery with a guest room and with an open Bowling alley.

In 1897 his son Albert took over the brewery. He put in the "Kleinen Laufenbach"
9 ponds for ice production. With the natural ice put in the “Felsenkeller” during winter, the beer was cooled during the whole summer in the built cellars.

In 1924 Albert's son Clemens took over the Braun brewery. He gave the brewery the name "Felsenkeller Brewery" and instead of the previously brewed dark and unfiltered beer, he brewed a blond Pilsener - the "Felquell Pils".

In 1972 son Willem took over the brewery in 4th generation.

In 1986, he again brewed beer in the manner of his ancestors, the unfiltered, brittle, dark and lower-fermented "Zwickelbier" as a beer specialty.

In 1994 the brewery had to be stopped because there were difficulties with the drinking water supplied, which no longer had the high quality Requirements for brewing water. Since then the Zwickelbier is brewed in a friendly private brewery (brewery Rainer in Linnich-Welz).

In 1997, the brewery became the first brewery museum in the Eifel, with inside and and Outdoor dining places.

In 2007, the property was sold to a private investor who converted the building to the Brauhaus & Museum and renovated, modernized and redesigned the building.

For individual guests, we provide tour descriptions in 5 languages ​​(German, Dutch, English, French and Russian).
Admission is 3, - Euro per person. For groups of 10 or more, we offer a 45 - minute guided tour of the museum. (Reservation needed).
The price for guided tours is € 4 per person. If you want to take a guided tour of the museum with less than 10 people, we will charge a package sum of 40, -. Also possible is a guided tour incl. a small Zwickelbeer (0.2 l), which costs 1, - more per person.

Our museum guides will be able to answer many questions including beer. "Who is the biggest beer producer in Germany" or "Where does the name "Zwickelbier" come from?

The museum is open from Di.-So. from 11: 00-18: 00